Want to install epson et 4500 printer & et 4550 printer to WiFi? If yes, then it consists of a procedure to follow for the installation. The procedure of the installation should be applied carefully and properly. Epson printer et 4500 & et 4550 model is an eco tank printer.

It is an eco-friendly printer and easy to connect epson printer to WiFi using a control panel. The printer can be used for printing, scanning, and copying functionalities. Epson printers have a high quality of printing documents and images. Clear and crisp document and the image is printed. Epson printers are made from advanced technology which makes them different from other printers.

Steps to set up and install epson et 4500 & et 4550 printer manual

Install epson et 4500 printer with installation of et 4550 printer in a proper way is important. As the printer can work efficiently and effectively. Follow the steps and setup Epson printer manually on windows.

Steps to setup and install epson et 4500 & et 4550 printer manual

  1. First to unbox the printer.
  2. Then to remove all its packing properly.
  3. To take out the ink cartridges, sheets, manual, and the power cord.
  4. Then to connect the printer to an electrical socket.
  5. To switch on the printer.
  6. In the front panel, an ink cartridge slot is there.
  7. Install ink cartridges according to their color in their slots.
  8. Then to close the front panel.
  9. Then, the printer will begin installing the cartridges.
  10. It will take a few minutes.
  11. After installation is complete, your Epson printer is installed.
  12. To check, print a page or document.

So, these are the steps for the installation of the Epson printer et 4500 & et 4550 model. Steps should be followed and applied properly, carefully.

How do i setup my epson et 4500 printer to WiFi

Want to setup et 4500 & et 4550 to WiFi and print on wireless networks. Easy setup and install epson printer guide is given below in steps can be followed for Epson printer wifi setup.

How do i setup my epson et 4500 printer to WiFi

  • First check the wifi router connection.
  • Then to check that the computer is connected to a wireless network.
  • To switch on the printer and connect it to the power cord.
  • Then to install the Epson connect printer setup utility software.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen for the installation of software.
  • Then, choose the wireless network connection option.
  • A list of various wifi networks will appear.
  • Choose your wifi name and enter your password.
  • The printer will be connected to a computer.
  • To check, print a page.

Now when the printer gets connected to a computer wireless printing can be done. Wireless printing can be done from anywhere and anytime. Just a strong WiFi network is required. Wireless printing is considered to be quick and convenient.

Download epson et 4500 & et 4550 driver windows 10

The document also can be scanned wirelessly once install epson et 4500 printer process is completed. Steps are provided below for scanning wirelessly from the computer and download epson printer drivers for the computer as per operating system.

Download epson et 4500 & et 4550 driver windows 10

  • First to connect the scanner with the computer wirelessly.
  • The page or document is to be placed on the scanner glass.
  • Visit the control panel.
  • Choose the scan option present on the control panel.
  • The options will be displayed for scanning like a computer in pdf form or email etc.
  • Select the computer connected to the wireless network.
  • At last, press the scan button present on the printer.
  • The computer will save your scanned document or page.

Therefore, printer scan the document wirelessly. The above mentioned steps are reliable and easy to understand, apply. For scanning purposes, the control panel of the printer or software can be used.