Connect and setup Epson xp-200 on wired and wireless network on windows. Of course, first, make sure that the USB port is working and that a wire from the scanner/printer is inserted into it (it may have a different wire or wireless network).

 If everything is in place and the Epson xp-200 printer is not working. You most likely have a burned USB port and you should rearrange the cable from the printer to another slot. You should also check that the printer itself is turned on or running out of ink. Now let’s move on to the software level.

Add Epson xp-200 on Windows 10

 Steps to setup Epson xp-200 printer on Windows 10

 First, you need to try to solve the problem using the built-in diagnosis of the problems. It’s available on both Windows 10 and the Microsoft website, but we have to say it works differently, so you should try both.

 The built-in can be launched from the Control Panel. To do this, click the “Troubleshooting” article. After that, the utility will start and check for errors. You just have to follow the instructions to setup Epson xp-200 easily. The program will check the drivers, services, and connections of the PC, print queue, and printer. The program helps in rare cases, but you may only have one such case, which means you should try it.

Epson xp 200 printer Wi-Fi setup on windows

 How to Add Epson xp-200 on Windows 10

 If the program does not see the printer or is not on the list of installed ones, you should try to Install Epson Printer on windows. Follow the method and setup printer on windows and other operating system.


  • You need to access the settings using the Win + I keyboard, then select “Devices” and “Printers and Scanners”.
  • Now click the Add Printer or Scanner button and wait.
  • Sometimes Windows 10 detects a connected printer and installs it. Make sure you have an internet connection.


  • Click the inscription: “The required printer is not in the list”, which will appear under the green search bar.
  • You can now install the printer using filters. You can install a wireless printer or note that it is already old.
  • You can also specify the path to the drivers on the site so that the program can download and update them.

Steps to Epson xp 200 printer Wi-Fi setup on windows

 Follow the steps below and download the latest Epson printer drivers as per your operating version and re-install the drivers and print wirelessly. To do this, go to the official website of your printer manufacturer and download the driver from the “Support” article. If the driver is for Windows 10, then this is great.

setup Epson xp-200 printer on Windows 10

 It should be noted that many manufacturers have long since made the drivers for the new operating system available on their websites, and therefore you can easily find them. If it doesn’t exist, don’t be discouraged: the company should release more like this soon, but for now, try downloading drivers for Windows 7/8 / 8.1.

 Recommend that you remove the old Epson xp-200 printer/scanner driver first. If this is not done, then errors will occur (for example, Word will see two printers instead of one). You can remove the driver by accessing the “Devices” item in the Settings, left-clicking on your printer, and selecting “Delete Device”.

Epson xp 200 troubleshooting

of the above methods have helped you. If not, then most likely the problem is in the printer and you should return it for repair or replacement. See you again!!! For most Windows users, after upgrading their operating system to Windows 10, there is a problem detecting a printer or MFP connected to a computer. The computer just can’t see it. Let’s solve this problem.

 For starters, install epson xp 200 without disc, need to check the USB Port service character (suddenly you accidentally pulled the cable and it went into a malfunction). You also need to check that the wire is locked in the device, as it may be disconnected from the PC. You should also examine the printer itself, it is on, there is ink in it, and so on. If something happens, correct the problems and check the connection of the device to the computer again. If everything is fine, go to troubleshoot the operating system itself. Windows 10 systems.