You may have problems during the connect Epson 4020 to Wi-Fi. There are many reasons for this, most of which are directly related to the age or brand of the printer you are using. If you’re wondering, yes, buying a new wireless Epson printer can often solve these problems for you. If you want to stick with your printer, follow several other solutions for you.

connect Epson wp-4020 wireless setup to laptop

Start by going to the Add Printer menu, where Windows 10 tries to find your printer. There should be a heading that says “Find a printer by other parameters.” This section provides several alternative configuration methods that you can choose from.  This should be the first option you should try. If your printer is over a few years old. This helps Windows scan for older connection protocols that it might not have been using. At best, it quickly finds your printer and connect Epson printer on wireless network. 

How to connect Epson 4020 wireless setup to pc

 However, if your printer is very old. You may not be able to find the current printer drivers or use it with Windows 10 at all. Manufacturer never bothered to release new drivers compatible with the new Microsoft OS. Select the shared printer by name. This sometimes prevents the printer from correctly recognizing Windows 10. Selecting this option opens a window where you can enter the name of the printer that is already in use. It helps Windows 10 to recognise a printer that is constantly hiding on your network!

connect Epson 4020 wireless setup to pc

Setup Epson Printer by Adding 4020 using a TCP / IP address or hostname. Now move on to more complex manual settings. Here you will open a window that will help you specify the device type and hostname or IP address. Note that for best results, this should be set to the port type of the TCP / IP port. However, you will have to look up the host-name or IP address and port name so that you can correctly identify the Internet connection that your printer is using. These statistics will be easier to find if you can check the connection properties of your printer on another computer or through another available method.

 Add a Bluetooth, wireless, or network discover-able printer. Essentially, this alternative allows Windows to find the printer over a connection other than traditional Wi-Fi. For example, if your printer has Bluetooth, this is worth a try. The problem could be the quality of the Wi-Fi connection, and this connection option will work around this problem and connect Epson 4020 to Wi-Fi.

 Steps to setup Epson wp 4020 manual on windows and mac

 Add a local printer or a network printer with manual settings. This selection allows you to view several windows that allow you to manually identify the printer. First, you will be prompted to select a printer port which you should leave. Since an existing Windows printer port has already been created, and your manufacturer and model of your printer are from the lists provided. This will allow you to download Epson Printer drivers. You will then be prompted to name the printer, decide your sharing settings, and hopefully print a successful test page. Step to try first if you have a new printer that won’t be connected properly.

setup Epson wp 4020 manual on mac

 Epson wp-4020 software download

 Connecting a Printer to Windows 10 Tips and Troubleshooting. Is there something wrong with your printer? If you begin to suspect that your Epson printer not working properly even though it is connected, you should focus on troubleshooting. Your first step should always be to check for available driver updates through Windows or the manufacturer’s website. Downloading new drivers can add new compatibility to your printer and help it connect successfully.