The process of install and connect Epson artisan 1430 by configuring the printer itself can be divided into several stages:

  • Connection of the device.
  • Installing and configuring drivers.
  • Printer setup.

 Initially, the procedure for connect Epson printer to the laptop is best done with the power supply of both devices disconnected. It is necessary to choose the right place where the printing device will be located.  Most often, printers are connected via USB ports. Take care of the availability of free ports in your laptop. There is no need to constantly pull out the wires of other application equipment in cases where you need to print something. If the wires are connected correctly and the equipment is turned on.

connect my Epson artisan 1430 to Wi-Fi

A message will appear on the screen about the appearance of a new device on the network, accompanied by a characteristic sound signal. If this does not happen, then, first of all, once again carefully inspect all the wires for their integrity and tight fit of the plugs to the connectors. In parallel, you can do the following: through the “Start” menu open the “Devices and Printers” window. In the window that opens, the icon of your printer should be visible.

How to connect Epson artisan 1430 printer to Wi-Fi

 Procedures for standard printing and scanning (if talking about an MFP), without the possibility of using advanced parameter settings. The Windows Update system contains printer drivers for the most popular models 1430. Simplest form and can search for the necessary programs by itself when connect Epson artisan 1430. If this did not happen within a few minutes after joining, then it is recommended to go the following steps

How to connect Epson artisan 1430 printer to Wi-Fi

  • Open the “Control Panel”;
  • Select the menu item “Hardware and Sound”;
  • Find “Devices and Printers”;
  • In the window that appears on the screen, right-click the image and click “Windows Update”;
  • In the window that opens, click the line “Check for updates” and wait 15-35 minutes for the completion of the search process for all available updates, as well as their download.
  • Restart the computer and check if the printer is working correctly.

 Configuring the parameters for the correct automatic and connect Epson artisan 1430 using Windows is carried out as follows.

  1. In the “Devices and Printers” menu, select “Computer” with the right mouse button.
  2. In the window that appears, click on “Device installation options”.
  3. In the next window, select the “Yes (recommended)” menu item and confirm the selection with the “Save” button.

From now on, if there is a stable Internet connection, all necessary driver updates and other software updates will be downloaded and installed on the computer without your direct participation.

 Download Epson artisan 1430 software on windows

The most difficult is the procedure for the correct installation and configuration of drivers. If the printer was purchased recently, then in the factory box you can probably find an installation disk with the necessary information. A list of programs necessary for correct operation. Using the installation disk for the initial connection is the simplest procedure. Which is at the same time the fastest setup Epson printer option.

Download Epson artisan 1430 software on windows

To “get” the necessary drivers for a printer without a disk, you will need 10-15 minutes of time, a small amount of ingenuity, and focus on the result. There are two ways to search:

  • Through Windows tools.
  • Downloading software on manufacturers’ websites.