How to download latest printer driver and connect Epson printer xp-2105 to Wi-Fi.  Open any browser in your PC and type Epson printer driver download. Search it and open official website pf printer and click on support and then click on printers. Simply a QR printer name right Epson Printer model need to be the click on it.  Click on try Wars here there are two options you want one is a scanner you can download this Epson Printer driver. Download the printer driver and save it.

Click on is crown a scan or drywall download it and accept terms and conditions. Double click on it and next backs up next. Turn on your Epson Printer and connect your USB to a laptop or PC. Connect both your printer and your laptop using a data and install it.  Setup Wireless Epson Printer and connect the ethernet and print to sign and copy two-sided scan.

connect Epson xp-2105 printer to computer

Steps to connect Epson xp-2105 printer to computer

Printer and installation CD and the power cord. Go and download the new drivers and connect Epson printer xp-2105 to Wi-Fi. Epson holds 250 sheets different sizes envelopes letters different sizes. Where the paper comes out. When you scan or fax it goes through the top and comes out the bottom.

Now setup printer xp-2105 in the corner follow the directions obviously unpacked it to turn on and configure. Plug in the computer do not connect it to the computer. yet and then just hit the power button. Hit the power button after you turn it on, have to configure it month/day/year country language.

Move to the next step is loading the ink cartridges got done setting up the language the country the time the date. The printer is going through its own setup. open the screen and go to next step which is loading the ink cartridges. Once you install take yellow tab off and then you’re ready to go. Printer has stopped the screen reads install ink cartridges and grab on both sides lift up and the ink cartridge slot slides. Moves to where you can lift the little flap up pull the yellow tab down and install. It’s only one way. Start the ink close the little door closing on down the printer says checking the ink cartridges.