To install Epson printer on computer windows, or mac, it is not enough to connect both devices with a cable. Of course, you can install the printer “on the grid”. But even in this case, you can not do without the latest Epson driver – a computer program with which the OS accesses the functions of the equipment.

install epson printer

How to install epson printer drivers on a printer without a disk? What are the installation methods? Where to download “firewood”? Install the printer driver from the disc. This is the easiest way. If you have an installation CD for your printer and a PC drive, then all you need to do is as follows.

How to install the driver manually on the printer windows 7, 8, 10

We will not tell you how to install drivers without the Internet, because in the absence of a disk or flash drive with “firewood”, you can not do without the Internet. Now we will try to install Epson printer anywhere.

how to install epson printer

  • First you need to download the driver to install the printer. Enter a search query. In the request, it is necessary to specify the model and brand of the device. 
  • In the “Drivers” category, select your operating system. As a rule, the OS is determined by the resource automatically.
  • Select the required driver and download it.
  • Open the .exe file. Now follow the recommendations of the wizard, which will tell you how to install the drivers on the Canon printer.

Installing an epson printer driver is not that difficult. The main thing is to have an installation disk or the Internet at hand. If you have any problems with the printer, contact the specialists of our service for help. They perform prompt repairs of the printer with a guarantee of quality, refill cartridges in the workshop. Go, flash software, carry out printer maintenance, and cartridge restoration. 

Install Epson printer drivers on windows 7 

Have computer windows 7 and want to install drivers with or without CD. Both Steps are essentials and in case of without CD need to download the latest version of epson printer drivers form the official websites of epson. Further, follow the steps given below:

Install Epson printer drivers on windows 7

  • Insert a disc into the drive. 
  • Wait for the disk to start automatically. 
  • If it is disabled, go to “My Computer” and open the drive yourself.
  • Open the archive with the .exe extension and follow the instructions. 
  • Most likely you will need to accept the license agreement, click “Next” several times, and wait for the installation process to complete.
  • Open the archive with the .exe extension and follow the instructions. 
  • Most likely you will need to accept the license agreement, click “Next” several times, and wait for the installation process to complete.

Now you know how to install a printer driver from disk or without disk on computer windows 7. All you have to do is connect the MFP to your desktop and start printing. Does the computer not see the printer even after installing the software? We recommend that you use our other material to solve epson printer installation problems.

How to install Epson printer on Windows 8

Now consider a situation where it is impossible to install an epson  printer with a disk. For example, your laptop windows 8 does not have a CD drive or you simply do not have a software disc. There are 2 main methods:

How to install Epson printer on Windows 8

  1. Windows Update – A quick way, but limited features.

2 Manual loading and installation – This method takes more time, but it allows you to use all the functions of printing technology.

  • Go to the official website and download the latest version of the epson printer driver as per windows 8 compatibility.
  • Once download the drivers file, hit to open the folder and click on setup.
  • Next, option to click and follow the screen till finish.
  • Reboot the printer and desktop

If you just need to print a document or scan from a printer to a computer, you can safely use the first method. The built-in printer installation program will help you download the basic drivers. Are you planning to use detailed print settings, including color adjustment and document processing? Then we recommend passing at once to the second method with manual installation.

Steps to install Epson printer on Windows 10

If you are unable to install the driver on the printer automatically, do so manually using the same Windows Update. Below is a diagram in which we will explain how to install the printer driver on Windows 10.

install Epson printer on Windows 10

  1. Devices and Printers category, click the Printer Setup tab. 
  2. Type of equipment to be installed, select “Add a local printer”. In Win 10, this line will be the last. 
  3.  In the next window, leave the LPT1 port by clicking Next. Go to the Windows Update Center.
  4. Wait 5-30 minutes. During this time, a list of software for different brands of printers will appear. 
  5. Select the brand and model of printing equipment. You can also change the device name.
  6. Wait until the printer installation is complete. 
  7. Configure access. For network printers, you can select a resource name and share it with other users, such as other office workers. 
  8. Remove its shortcut from the list of added devices.

Note! Deleting a shortcut does not remove the driver. After connecting the copying and printing equipment, the computer automatically recognises the new equipment. The Canon printer and other brands are installed in the same way.

Install Epson Printer on Mac

Install Epson Printer on Mac

Add printers on mac usually need drivers on disk or need to download from the official website of the printer. Follow the steps given below and complete the installation process and connect printer to mac.

  • First hit the top-left corner on the Mac’s screen.
  • Next, go to the System Preferences.
  • Hit on “printer and scanner” or “printer and scan” hardware.
  • Click on the + sign and add the local printer from the printer list menu.
  • Now go to the official website of the epson printer and download the latest version of drivers for mac users.
  • Once the driver is downloaded, open the folder and click on the setup.exe file.
  • A screen comes up click on next and follow the screen and setup epson printer.

How to install drivers on a printer using Windows Update

Connect the printing equipment to a laptop or computer. Within a few minutes, the PC recognises the type of connected equipment and automatically installs the basic driver package. It will be enough to start printing from the printer. There are situations when the automatic start of Windows Update is disabled. If this is your case, then call the application manually, using the recommendations of the masters of SC Ton-fix.

install drivers on a printer using Windows Update

  1. Go to the “Control Panel”. Select the category display and go to the “Browse devices and printers” subcategory.
  2. Click the PCM on the computer shortcut and select “Update Center« “. Install all available updates.
  3. Reboot the laptop or PC. Go to “Devices and Printers”. 
  4. Click the PCM on the PC shortcut and select “Device Installation Options”.
  5.  Allow Windows Update to automatically install drivers for new hardware.

The question of how to install the printer driver is resolved. Connect the copiers to your laptop and get started. If the “firewood” is not installed, use the following tips:

  • Try connecting the printing equipment through another connector.
  • Reboot the desktop.
  • See our other tips if the printer does not print.


How do i connect my Epson printer to my Chromebook

Do you want to install your Epson printer on Chromebook? To store the data in the cloud and use it afterwards? If yes, then it’s a good decision to do so. It does not mean that printing functionality cannot be performed. As most of the Epson printers can print from Chromebook easily. Many Chromebooks can connect to the printer through a USB cable and it is convenient to use and Epson l805 setup on wireless printers. A wireless Epson printer is much easier to use and connect to a wireless connection.

Epson printers are one of the best printers. Printer is compatible and can be connected to various devices like mobile phones, computers, chrome books, tabs, etc.  Multi-function printers with a wide range. They have the capability of wireless connectivity options. Through these options wireless printing is possible. The printing speed and quality are amazing. 

Chromebook can’t connect to Epson printer

Below are some steps provided for the printer wifi setup-

  • To switch on the printer.
  • Visit the control panel of the printer.
  • Then, click on the setup option.
  • Use arrow keys to navigate for network settings
  • Then, select it and click on the ok option.
  • Click on the WLAN option and click on the ok option.
  • Select the setup wizard option.
  • Click on the printer name from the list provided below.
  • Select your printer.
  • Then, enter the network name and password.
  • Now, your printer is connected to a wifi network successfully. 
  • To check, load a paper and print it.